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Audition Demolition

Anne and Lau recently held an Audition Demolition workshop which included a live callback and casting process. In this episode, the Bosses discuss the audition demolition and how it mirrors the casting process. They explain the importance of taking direction well, researching scripts, and approaching every piece of copy as an actor. During a live callback, don't forget to have fun and enjoy being in a room with other people. Anne and Lau also discuss the importance of feedback and how it can help aspiring voice actors hone their craft Finally, we examine some of the memorable people and performances that stood out. The Bosses finish by reminding listeners that our next Audition Demolition is coming up soon! In this episode, we review the ins and outs of our recent audition demolition workshop! Listen for tips on how to get callbacks and succeed!

Chapter Summaries

(0:00:01) - Audition Demolition Workshop and Feedback Experience We hosted an audition demolition workshop, providing feedback and a real audition experience to develop skills. (0:08:16) - Benefits of Offering Feedback in Auditions Audition demolition workshop mirrors casting process, offering feedback, taking direction, cash/swag prizes, memorable people/performances. (0:19:13) - Voiceover Audition Tips Audition demolition workshops provide educational value, help get your name out there, and should be approached as an actor. (0:29:50) - Boost Your Business Like a Boss Anne and Lau discussed future audition demolition workshops, feedback importance, and voiceover industry success.

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick-share concepts from today’s episode:

  1. It's essential to understand the casting process to excel in voiceover auditions.

  2. Being adaptable and receptive to feedback is crucial in the voiceover industry

  3. Successful voiceover auditions require mastering script research and character immersion

  4. A real-world audition often includes script changes, feedback sessions, and stress – all of which are important to experience and navigate

  5. Researching the script and the company/product you are auditioning for can help in delivering an effective performance.

  6. Understanding the casting specs and being able to bring something unique to the read can make you stand out in auditions.

  7. Your unique approach to a script can potentially sway a casting director's choice.

  8. Detailed feedback can provide performers with actionable insights to improve their skills.

  9. Industry veterans can provide invaluable insights into the voiceover audition process.

  10. Audition demolition workshops can offer educational value and practical experience for aspiring voiceover artists

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