Business of VO: What to Expect Your First Year

with Liz Atherton

With babies, the first year is serious love combined with sleepless nights, bottles, diapers, and lots and lots of learning.  It’s much the same with VO . . . serious love (passion for the work), sleepless nights (must find work), bottles and diapers (mics and drop cloths) and lots and lots of learning!  Listen as VO Boss Anne Ganguzza and guest, Liz Atherton, share wizdom and stories of the first year blues with clues for success!


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. Liz has her own booth – SQUEE!

  2. Thank you Brad Hyland and Tim Tippets for helping!

  3. Anne’s first year in VO – it was very stressful.

  4. In any first year of any business, you’re going to run into a lot of “don’ts” which mean you

  5. MUST be passionate and driven because it is scary, and risky!

  6. I’m going to try and do this – make an agreement with yourself.

  7. Setting up a home studio takes a lot of unexpected learning.

  8. As a first year VO it’s more than just a studio…

  9. What equipment do I need?

  10. Your equipment needs to match your genre.

  11. If you don’t know what you need, you should hire a professional and pay them to help – this will save time and money.

  12. You need to hire people who are specialists in their field to help you get started the right way.

  13. Cheap isn’t always the right answer.

  14. Your FIRST investment should be coaching/training/coaching/training/demo . . .

  15. You must be success driven – don’t rely on a fallback position.

  16. Investments to start companies can be hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  17. Investments to start VO can cost thousands.

  18. Equipment – Software – Coaching ← all required to start a successful VO business.

  19. You are your brand!

  20. You are your product.

  21. And then there’s time . . . sometimes it is YEARS – at least 5 years!! Know this and be ready.

  22. Even a voiceover prodigy has to start with learning.

  23. DON’T QUIT! It can be at least 5, if not 10 years before you get a sound return on your business.

  24. Keep adjusting.

  25. Create multiple voices – work on different genres – diversify.

  26. Find that predictable income.

  27. If you’re not working for someone else, then you should find multiple revenue streams.

  28. It’s now what’s wrong, what’s wrong, what’s wrong?

  29. I’m not hungry, I’m dieting.

  30. The first year is going to be tough!

  31. A VO career is going to take time and money – and it’s worth it!

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Thanks to Tim Tippets, The VO Tech Guru for helping Liz set up her studio!

  1. Check out Liz’s new MIcrophone, The USB Blue Yeti

  2. Find out about 

  3. Recorded on ipDTL

  4. Awesome editing by Carl Bahner

Full Episode Transcript

>> It’s time to take your business to the next level, the BOSS level! These are the premier business owner strategies and successes being utilized by the industry has top talent today. Rock your business like a BOSS, a VO BOSS. Now let’s welcome your host Anne Ganguzza.

Anne: Hey, everyone. Welcome to the VO BOSS podcast. I’m your host, Anne Ganguzza, along with the Bee, Miss Liz Atherton!

Liz: Bzzz that’s me. Good afternoon!

[both laugh]

Anne: Well, Liz.

Liz: Yeah?

Anne: It’s been an amazing afternoon, and I’m so happy to now be speaking to you in your very own booth. Woohoo! Your very own studio.

Liz: It’s quite special. I had a very underground view. Only special people can come to my studio.

Anne: You have to crawl under the table to get to Liz’s studio, but I will say how proud I am of you. By the way, for those BOSSes that do not know, Liz has gone like above and beyond any other guest that I’ve ever had in terms of getting to record for the podcast. So Liz has traveled hours, like hours to studios. We’ve begged, borrowed and all sorts of things to Liz to get to, because Liz did not have a studio before now. And now Liz has a very simple home studio which she set up all by herself. We had some great help though from some amazing people. I think the biggest shout-out, number one, will go to Brad who initially helped –

Liz: Brett Highland, thank you, thank you.

Anne: Brett Highland. Thank you so much for helping my girl out.

Liz: You’re a rock star.

Anne: And also Mr. Tim Tippetts, the VO tech guru. Yes!

Liz: Oh my gosh, Tim is amazing. Thank goodness for Tim.

Anne: So