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Work From Home

Anne Ganguzza and Tom Dheere, discuss fresh strategies to balance work, health, and personal life while excelling in the voiceover industry. We share our trials and triumphs in navigating the voiceover industry from home. We open up about the challenges we've faced transitioning from a structured office job to the freedom of working remotely, and we discuss the importance of creating our own systems and structures for success. Tapping into our entrepreneurial spirit, we delve into time management strategies that have kept us afloat in the world of self-employment. This episode is chock-full of practical tips and insights. So get comfy and join us as we demystify working from home in the voiceover industry.

In this episode, we shed light on effective routines and habits while working from home, offering insights into how to manage auditions, schedules and other tasks

Chapter Summaries

(00:01) Working From Home Challenges and Priorities

Transitioning to remote work in the voiceover industry, prioritizing health, and maintaining focus and balance in business aspects.

(06:58) Time Management and Financial Planning

Routines and habits of successful voice actors, including health, structure, auditions, finances, and use of accountants.

(13:59) Managing Workflow and Time Efficiency

Entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals can use Google Calendar, AI tools, and consistent workspaces for effective time management.

(20:49) Time Management and Productivity in WFH

Maximize productivity in the voiceover industry with organization, digital tools, boundaries, and avoiding distractions like social media.

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick-share concepts from today’s episode:

1. Prioritize health as it is the foundation of productivity in remote work.

2. Create personal systems and structures for success when transitioning from a structured office job to remote


3. Use time management strategies, such as Google Calendar and physical and digital binders, to stay organized.

4. Implement productivity hacks like AI tools for increased efficiency in tasks.

5. Cultivate routines and habits, such as prioritizing auditions based on vocal range and managing finances early in

the day.

6. Consider the benefits and drawbacks of using an accountant for financial management.

7. Avoid time-wasting activities and set boundaries to maximize productivity.

8. Emphasize the importance of developing muscle memory and consistency in the physical workspace.

9. Allocate time for tasks that can't always be done at consistent times, like auditions and marketing.

10. Use apps to limit social media use and avoid distractions that can hinder productivity.

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