Your daily dose of VO - the BOSS Minute

Need a little push every day?

amazon alexa showing the BOSS Minute flash briefing
The BOSS Minute flash briefing

Add the BOSS Minute to your mornings for quick-start voiceover motivation!

Anne shares tips, inspiration, and updated VO content, available as part of your daily Alexa news feed. Just follow the steps below to set things up, and then ask Alexa to "Play my flash briefing" to hear the BOSS Minute along with the rest of your daily news.

How to add the BOSS Minute to your daily flash briefing

Step 1 - Open the Alexa app and select Settings

Step 2 - Scroll to "News" and click "Build your Flash Briefing playlist"

Step 3 - Choose "Add Content" and search for BOSS Minute - add to your briefing and swap the order of briefings to your preferred play order.

What's a flash briefing?

Alexa flash briefings are short, informative pieces of prerecorded audio, delivered daily, weekly, or monthly. Listeners can subscribe to these briefings through the Alexa app and listen to them when they choose. The BOSS Minute is updated often, and gives advice, knowledge, tips and information on today's voiceover industry.

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