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Tax Season

with Pilar Uribe

A peaceful life is one where your work and personal lives are balanced yet separate…but how does that translate to finances? Anne & Pilar have done it all: from TurboTax and nerve-wrecking audits to having an accountant on retainer. There is no one-size fits all plan for business finances, but keeping things organized + separated is a good start. Be ready to evolve your strategy as your business does and tackle tax season like a #VOBOSS!

Anne & Pilar are here to calm your nerves this tax season. The secret? Consistent organization + having your accountant on speed dial.

"If there’s something you struggle with, hire a professional!" - Pilar

About Pilar Uribe

Pilar Uribe is a bilingual voice actor, telenovela star, and radio personality. Born and raised in New York City, she broke into show business with roles in Yo Soy Betty La Fea (Ugly Betty), Pobre Pablo, and El Cartel, filmed in Colombia and Miami. She recorded and produced for WLRN Miami-South Florida and now lives in Los Angeles, where she records voice over for television, radio, and films.

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick-share concepts from today’s episode:

  1. Separate your business and personal finances. #VOBOSS

  2. Hire an accountant to balance your accounts + keep track of your biz’s finances.

  3. Figure out what your business is categorized as. (S Corp, DBA, LLC)

  4. Your business label will evolve as you and your needs do. #VOBOSS

  5. Keep track of what and how you spend.

  6. Tax laws change every year, so make sure you stay up to date & informed. #VOBOSS

  7. If you feel overwhelmed, reach out to professionals.

  8. Keep your business organized all year so there’s less scrambling during tax season. #VOBOSS

  9. Time put into managing your finances is a long term investment in your business. #VOBOSS

  10. Start sooner rather than later. Even if you’re part time and making a little bit of money, pay attention to your finances + consider separating your accounts. #VOBOSS

"The sooner you start organizing your finances, the better." - Anne

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Looking for solutions?

You have to have the right tools to do your job effectively. A lot of these are based on a subscription service model. I could not run my business and do my work efficiently without some of these services. Let’s kick it off with some of the essential business services that I feel are absolutely necessary when it comes to running your voice over business. First and foremost, a great accounting system will help you with your contracts, keep track of expenses and income, and allow you to efficiently submit taxes every year.


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