Special Guests: The Sheppards

We got ‘em. The VO power couple: Sheppard squared!

Erik and Lindsay Sheppard join Anne and Gabby this week for the VO B.O.S.S.’s first ever four-way! Both Lindsay and Erik have been in the industry since they’re late teens and have been killing it ever since! They are both voice actors, agents, activists, educators, YouTubers and parents! In this episode they share how they got started in VO, how they met, what they’re doing to help unify the VO industry, goals they have for the future and recommendations for EVERY voice talent!


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. Lindsay and Erik are the VO power couple

  2. Keep up with The Outspoken YouTube Channel

  3. Union vs Non-Union – we’re all in this together

  4. Don’t waste your time marketing yourself to other voice talent

  5. Lindsay’s Advice: Say NO more

Referenced in this Episode

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Anne: Welcome, everybody, to the VO B.O.S.S. Podcast. I’m your host, Anne Ganguzza, along with my beautiful co-host, Gabby Nistico. Hey, Gabby!

Gabby: Hi, Anne.

Anne: Gabby. I am super duper excited today because we have not one but two special, special guests with us today. A power couple extraordinaire, we have Sheppards squared. Lindsay and Erik Sheppard.

Gabby: YAY!

Anne: Yay, welcome, guys, to the podcast, thanks so much for joining us.

Erik: And the crowd goes wild.

Gabby: Whoa!

Anne: It does. You know there’s so many questions–

Gabby: So, let’s–There is! There’s so many questions so let’s do a real basic recap for the folks–just so everybody knows exactly who it is we’re talking to. So, Lindsay and Erik, couple, they have beautiful children, voice actors, voiceover agents. Erik, of course, being the brains and mastermind behind The Outspoken – a very popular YouTube channel that you may have seen. They are activist in our industry. Obviously, supporters of our industry, educators. I mean, what haven’t you guys done?

Anne: I know, right? It’s crazy.

Gabby: Am I missing anything?

Erik: Slept.

Gabby: Yeah!

Anne: Tell us a little bit about how you guys got into the industry, and let’s just go individually. Let’s start with Lindsay.

Lindsay: Okay. I went to college for animation, too many years ago, for the drawing part of it. And I was the only girl in my class, so for all of our student projects I had to be the one to do the female voices, so I’m like, “Wait, this is more fun than drawing. I don’t have the patience for that.” So… that’s just kinda how I got into it.

Anne: And, Erik, what about you?

Erik: I been doin’ this forever. I did my first VO project when I was about 17, for a friend’s parent’s company, they had a law firm. And they wanted me to do their telephony setup, and they paid me a couple hundred bucks, which was, like, crazy amounts of beer money when you’re, you know, kind of a kid, and that was it. You know, I was hooked. And I’m still doing telephony today. So, nothing much has changed.–

Anne: I love telephony. Erik:–I’m boring and–

Lindsay: But I love telephony.

Anne: I like it too. Boring? Because he’s boring.

Gabby: So unbelievably humble and played down. The two of them.–

Erik: Predictable.

Gabby: So, how did you guys meet?

Lindsay: Do you wanna tell the story? Or should I?

Erik: Well, it was through the industry. It turned out–you know, we kinda known each other online a little bit. You know, on Facebook. I was askin’ her questions like, “How do you use this face thing?” ’cause I’m, like, a thousand. And you know, this was, like, way back in the day. Oh, I think the first time I saw you was at one my mixers. I used to do the voiceover, the New York Voiceover mixers,–

Anne: Oh yeah. Erik:–and she was one of the hundred of folks that was there. Just being the weirdo wallflower.

Lindsay: He was chancing some blonde around the whole night.

Erik: That doesn’t really narrow down which evening it was. That was pretty much every night before I met you, my love.

Lindsay: But, I found out a few months later that he took my business card and he usually writes, like, notes on the back about the person he met, and he wrote on the back of mine “cute” and that was it.

Gabby: Awe! Oh my gosh.

Erik: That was the important part.

Anne: That’s adorable.

Erik: Yeah. And then I invited her out with–

Gabby: I love that. Erik:–invited to some other voiceover thing, I don’t remember what we were doing. A bunch of us were meeting up at some bar in New York, and I was like, “Oh, yeah man, I’m gonna ask that girl.” And so I was like, “Oh, hey, you know it’s,” all playin’ it cool and whatever. Like, “You should come and we’ll hang out.” And she’s like, “Oh great! Can I bring my boyfriend?” Aw…Freak…man… Really? No, she goes, “Can I bring my friend?” And I was like, “Is she cute?” Like, being a total jerk, you know? And she was like, “Well, he’s cute.” I’m like, goddamn it. But she came with him and left with me that night and the rest is history. We haven’t left each other’s side since.

Lindsay: Don’t tell them that part. I seem evil.

Gabby: Love it!

Anne: Seems evil?

Anne: Can I just talk about branding? The two of you together and individually. I mean, my gosh, really. Explain a little bit about how you came about your individual brands and then you–you know, are you still maintaining that? Do you have a–your brand together, obviously, power couple, but tell us a little bit about your branding and how you came about it.

Lindsay: I think mine, we just sat on the couch and brainstormed ideas. Tryin’ to find something that– that described my voice. I’m like, “Well, bubblegum’s kind of fun and little bit sexy and sweet.” I’m like, “That works!” So, it was kinda during the whole food craze, but I stuck with it and I’m not planning changing on it anytime soon.

Erik: She’s a pink fanatic, and then we heard–

Gabby: Don’t you dare… Erik:–the term even, bubblegum voice, and it just–yeah, that just worked for when we kinda clicked on it. Just looked at each other, like, that’s your thing, man. That’s it. It’s done.

Lindsay: And if you look on Urban Dictionary, bubblegum voice means, like, an annoying teenage American voice. I’m like, “That’s perfect!”

Gabby: Oh my gosh. I didn’t even know that!

Anne: I didn’t either. I didn’t either.

Gabby: That’s outstanding. Holy cow.

Erik: We just rebranded the agency, you know we’ve been Voice Talent Productions–

Anne: Yes. Erik:–forever, because I started it as kind of a loose condra of talent that were helping each other out and we were doin’ different things, and then I just stuck with the name and it was confusin’ the hell out of people because, well, “Are you a production house?” No, we’re a talent agency and whatever. I just didn’t wanna change it ’cause it says this is gonna be a big pain. And it is, it’s still a big pain. But we changed it now with the Sheppard Agency. But so we had rebrand that. We–you know, this is just recent, so we went through I don’t know, about eight hundred million different font and names first, and then different fonts and different logos stuff that we were gonna do. And we go crazy over that kinda stuff, just eight million versions–

Lindsay: And how many different crowns did we look at for King Erik?

Erik: That was–you know, I was using other things like stars or whatever, and it was like an inside joke, almost, between the two of us. Like, who else but me would put a crown over my name. Like, I could just hear, like, millions of eyes rolling in the distance. You know, it was just too perfect we had to keep it.