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Special Guest: Matt Dubois

If you’re still shaking from the infamous “acquisition” a new hope is here!

Anne and Gabby talk with the creator of Voice Casting Hub, a new online agency casting platform. Matt Dubois has 20 years experience in the tech industry working in hosting and CRM software. With the help of his voice actress girlfriend, hundreds of agents and producers, Voice Casting Hub could very well be the answer we’ve all been hoping for. Matt talks about how the software will improve work for producers, agents, repped and unrepped talent, and what exciting things are on the docket for the coming months.


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. Voice Casting Hub is not intending to replace VoiceBank. They want to improve agent casting by moving it into the future.

  2. Voice Casting Hub will save producers 2-6 hours of work

  3. End Clients will be able to listen to auditions anywhere, on any device and any browser.

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