Special Guest: Laila Berzins

She’s RAP-tastic! And is celebrating a DECADE of voice acting this year! Laila Berzins and her personality explode all over the VO Boss podcast this week! Laila talks with Anne and Gabby about her (very) early start in singing, stand-up comedy and how her voiceover career propelled once she moved to LA. She even includes a special boss treat at the very end!


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. Vision Boards are magic!

  2. Learn from Laila’s fearlessness

  3. Meditation is an important part of her day

  4. Keep an ear out for her upcoming SNL style podcast

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VO: Today’s voiceover talent is more than just a pretty voice. Today’s voiceover talent has to be a boss. A VO B.O.S.S. Set yourself up with business owner’s strategies and success. With your host, Anne Ganguzza. Along with some of the strongest voices in our industry. Rock your business. Like a boss. A VO B.O.S.S.

Anne: Hey, guys! Before we get started on today’s episode, we want to share some B.O.S.S. solutions, and some of the ways you can have more B.O.S.S. in your life.

Gabby: Oh, come one! You can never have too much B.O.S.S. my little entrepre-nerds!

Anne: Entrepre-nerds! I love that. Did you think of that all by yourself?

Gabby: No. No. Not at all. I kind of borrowed that. So many, many moons ago I wrote a little publication by the name of How to Setup and Maintain a Better Voiceover Business.

Anne: Yes you did.

Gabby: This is long before, yep, long before we had combined our B.O.S.S. powers, Ms. Ganguzza, and this is a book that I’m super passionate about. I have been publishing it for many, many years. I update it very regularly, so I’m always making sure the content is current and relevant for you guys. And it is an absolute must. Not only for the business basics of voiceover and to help kind of get your B.O.S.S. butt in gear, especially if the business side of our world always has been a little bit of a strain for you, but also it’s gonna help you with your marketing and branding and helping you develop your own personal brand in voiceover.

Anne: Find out more by going to voboss.com and then click on that shop tab.

Gabby: Alright! Now, on to today’s episode.

Anne: Welcome, everybody, to today’s podcast I’m your host, Anne Ganguzza, along with my amazing B.O.S.S. bestie, Gabby Nistico! Hey Gabby.

Gabby: Hey. Hey. What’s up? Hey, girl, hey.