Special Guests: Paul Stefano and Sean Daeley

In our second ever Quad-cast – we speak with the guys from The VOMeter – Paul Stefano and Sean Daeley! These boys are bosses! We have a ton of fun talking with them about industry trends and sharing a lot of laughs in the process. Let’s see how we ‘measure up’ in this week’s episode of VOBoss.


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. Sean and Paul started The VOMeter after only a few years in the industry and use the platform to share the ups and downs of the early part of their careers.

  2. They came out of nowhere and took over the scene in a big way

  3. They are very honest about their long and shortcomings.

  4. It’s all about helping people to measure their voiceover progress and first-time experiences.

  5. They guys have had some wonderful mentors and speak openly about how they helped them along the way.

  6. Sean credits Anne with much of his success as a VO Atlanta scholarship winner.

  7. Paul and Sean have a wonderful chemistry in an odd couple way.

  8. VO Meter and VOBoss will both be at VO Atlanta 2019.

  9. We talk openly about trends in Pay to Play. And the future of it.

  10. We also discuss conference fatigue and the future trends for voiceover events.

  11. You don’t need to attend all the conferences in a calendar year to benefit.

  12. A podcast is a great way to meet and talk to people you want to know!

Referenced in this Episode

Direct links to things we brought up ++

The VO Meter Podcast
Paul Stefano’s Website
Sean Daeley’s Website
VO Atlanta
Recorded on ipDTL


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>> Like a BOSS.

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Anne: Hey, everybody. Welcome to the VO BOSS podcast. I’m your host, Anne Ganguzza, along with my amazing VO BOSS bestie, Gabby Nistico. Hey, Gabby.

Gabby: Heyyy. So for the second time, we have –

Anne: Oooh! Quadcast!

Gabby: Not a podcast, yes, but a quadcast.

Anne: We have –

Sean: Quadcast!

Anne: We have our second, second quadcast, and we are so excited to have with us our special, special friends – [laughs] No really, they’re special friends.

Gabby: That really made them sound special.

Sean: What are you trying to say here?

Anne: Amazing – they are, I meant amazing special –

Gabby: That’s right.

Sean: Awesome, special. Everyone is special.

Anne: Everybody’s favorite podcast hosts from the VO Meter, Sean Daeley and Paul Stefano. Woo-hoo! Hey, guys.

Gabby: Hello, gentlemen.

Sean: Hey, thanks for having us.

Paul: Yeah, we’ve been excited about this for a long time. It’s like that crossover episode of Scooby Doo, where Sonny and Cher showed up. [laughs]

Gabby: I was more a fan of the Supernatural-Scooby Doo crossover, but at least it’s in the same family, so I’m with you.

Paul: There was a bunch of those, the Harlem Globetrotters, Batman and Robin –

Sean: Batman and Robin – Yeah.

Paul: [laughs]

Anne: There you go.

Gabby: Would you two tell us how this unlikely pairing got started, how this all happened, please? We need to know things.

Paul: Sean, why don’t you start it off?

Sean: OK, so –

Paul: For a change, we’re actually being polite.

Anne: Wow.

Sean: I know, that’s why this, the long, uncomfortable pauses, we’re just getting used to talking with someone over a podcast. Like you just have to pay more attention to those cues, right, like “are they done? Can I jump in now?” Like, you know?

Anne: It’s true, it’s so true. But wait, because we’re on ipDTL, we can talk over one another, which makes it even cooler.

Paul: That’s true.

Sean: You can separate the tracks.

Anne: That was Anne’s tech brain. Sorry. Go on, Sean.

Sean: So yeah, we’ve been doing this for a couple of years now, and basically Paul reached out to me after – how many people did you ask, Paul?

Paul: I was rejected by about five or six, but you were in the initial group.

Sean: That’s true. And at first, I mean, we had both been pursuing voiceover at about the same time. I think Paul started maybe a year after I did. We had been following each other’s progress on Facebook and the Voiceover Bulletin Board, or the VOBB. He’s like, “hey man, I really want to do this podcast.” And I was like, “we’ve only been in the trenches for a couple of years.” I was like, “what do we have to offer?” He’s like, “well, more than you’d think.” And so we just kind of winged our first couple of episodes, and then we got a really positive response from that, and then we just kept doing it, and just kept growing and growing, and now we have several thousand followers and downloaders every month. It’s amazing.

Gabby: I respect it. You guys just kind of like went, “here we are. Hey.” And that was that.

Anne: It’s true. “Here we are, this is our podcast.”

Gabby: I think in your careers as well, because I’ve, I mean, I’ve met both of you numerous times at different voiceover events, different conferences. When I found out that neither of you had been in the industry for too terribly long, I was like “no, no, no, that can’t be right. No, no, that, no, come on.” You guys just did this amazing job of promoting and getting yourselves out there and meeting people, and so, yeah, I love that.

Anne: It took me like two years before Gabby came on board, and like, that’s all the prep work that I did. So like you guys just appeared and wham bam, like here we are. There’s a lot to be said for that. Just like, here we are, and just keep going, and it’s just a lot of really great stuff coming out from you guys.