Special Guests: Paul Stefano and Sean Daeley

In our second ever Quad-cast – we speak with the guys from The VOMeter – Paul Stefano and Sean Daeley! These boys are bosses! We have a ton of fun talking with them about industry trends and sharing a lot of laughs in the process. Let’s see how we ‘measure up’ in this week’s episode of VOBoss.


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. Sean and Paul started The VOMeter after only a few years in the industry and use the platform to share the ups and downs of the early part of their careers.

  2. They came out of nowhere and took over the scene in a big way

  3. They are very honest about their long and shortcomings.

  4. It’s all about helping people to measure their voiceover progress and first-time experiences.

  5. They guys have had some wonderful mentors and speak openly about how they helped them along the way.

  6. Sean credits Anne with much of his success as a VO Atlanta scholarship winner.

  7. Paul and Sean have a wonderful chemistry in an odd couple way.

  8. VO Meter and VOBoss will both be at VO Atlanta 2019.

  9. We talk openly about trends in Pay to Play. And the future of it.

  10. We also discuss conference fatigue and the future trends for voiceover events.

  11. You don’t need to attend all the conferences in a calendar year to benefit.

  12. A podcast is a great way to meet and talk to people you want to know!

Referenced in this Episode

Direct links to things we brought up ++

The VO Meter Podcast
Paul Stefano’s Website
Sean Daeley’s Website
VO Atlanta
Recorded on ipDTL


>> Today’s voiceover talent is more than just a pretty voice.

>> Pretty voice.

>> Pretty voice.

>> Pretty voice.

>> Today’s voiceover talent has to be a BOSS.

>> BOSS.

>> A BOSS.

>> A BOSS.

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