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Special Guest - Danielle Famble

When Danielle Famble traded the bright lights of musical theater for the voiceover booth, she didn't just change careers—she embodied the essence of a true entrepreneur. Grab your headphones and join the BOSS, Anne Ganguzza, as we navigate through Danielle's remarkable journey, discussing how her roots in musical theater have equipped her with a unique resilience and CEO mindset for her flourishing voiceover career. From emotional trials to asserting her worth in the industry, her story is a masterclass in transforming her performing arts discipline into a voiceover triumph. We discuss the intricacies of a successful business mindset, emphasizing the need for mentorship, community, and the wisdom of collective experience. We uncover the secrets behind tracking progress, efficiency, and how a transparent approach to finances can empower artists, especially women and women of color, helping them to assert their worth and command the rates they deserve. In this episode, we learn about the #girlboss journey, and give you actionable guidance for success.

About Danielle

Danielle Famble is a full-time voice actor with a performing background in musical theater and on TV. Danielle transitioned from the stage to the booth in 2019. Since that time, Danielle has voiced for brands like Google, Pepsi, Etsy, Prudential, Hertz, US Army and more. She recently presented at the VO Atlanta Voiceover Conference where she moderated a panel and presented a breakout session on the business of voiceover.

Chapter Summaries

(00:01) Building Your Business Like a Boss

Voice actor Danielle Famble shares her journey from musical theater to voiceover work, discussing resilience, entrepreneurship, and balancing passion with career focus.

(07:24) Building a Successful Business Mindset

Developing a CEO mindset in voice acting through mentorship, data tracking, a healthy money mindset, and asserting worth.

(18:15) Financial Literacy for Voice Actors

Financial literacy and management for voice actors, setting and achieving goals, outsourcing accounting, and personal and professional growth.

(21:36) Investing in Your Business

Investment in equipment, education, outsourcing, and diverse income streams are crucial for success in the voiceover industry.

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick-share concepts from today’s episode:

1. Transitioning Careers: Danielle Famble successfully transitioned from a career in musical theater to establishing a flourishing voiceover career, demonstrating adaptability and resilience. 2. Entrepreneurial Mindset: Famble attributes part of her success in voiceover to an entrepreneurial mindset shaped by her upbringing in a family of business owners, which is crucial in the competitive world of voice acting. 3. Financial Literacy: The importance of financial literacy and management in the voiceover industry is highlighted, showing how tracking financial goals can lead to growth and success in the business. 4. Value of Mentorship: Seeking mentorship and building a community are key factors in developing a successful business mindset, as they can accelerate progress and provide valuable support. 5. Negotiation Skills: Ganguzza and Famble discuss the importance of confidently negotiating rates and asserting one's value in the industry, which is particularly impactful for women and women of color. 6. Overcoming 'Starving Artist' Mentality: The episode challenges the 'starving artist' label and encourages voice actors to refuse work that doesn't compensate them fairly, reinforcing the idea of knowing and standing by one's worth. 7. Investment in Business: Investing in quality equipment, professional services, and personal development is presented as essential for growth and success in the voiceover business. 8. Maintaining a Secondary Income: Having a secondary income stream or day job is recommended as a strategic advantage, allowing voice actors to maintain their standards and rates without feeling pressured to accept low-paying work. 9. Embracing Rejection: Famble's background in performing arts, which involves facing rejection, has helped her develop a thick skin that is beneficial in the voiceover industry. 10. Personal and Professional Goals: Setting a range of goals, not just financial ones, is crucial. The episode discusses expanding horizons through personal growth activities like public speaking, which enriches both personal life and professional career.

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