Marketing: Buyer Journey

with Pamela Muldoon

Join Anne and Pam as they continue their series on content marketing. This week, the bosses discuss the four stages of the buyer journey: unawareness, awareness, consideration, and evaluation. Learn about the journey a buyer goes on from not knowing they have a problem, to choosing YOU as voice talent to solve that problem. Find out how to structure your marketing to show clients why you are the solution to their pain points!


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. As a voice actor, you’re a “Passion-prenuer”. You are working hard because you love it

  2. Your job, in gathering clients is to tap into their passions

  3. Clients go on a four-stage journey: 1- Unawareness, 2- Awareness 3- Consideration 4- Evaluation

  4. Unawareness:I don’t know that I have a problem

  5. Awareness: I know I have a problem, how do I solve this?

  6. Consideration: Here are all the solutions that I could possibly use

  7. Evaluation: I’ve found a solution, which provider will I choose to buy from?

  8. You need to be the solution to the problems that a client might not even know they have

  9. A client might know they need an online curriculum, but might be considering AI or “Karen from accounting”. You have to market yourself in a way to be the most valuable solution to this problem

  10. The first step is to be aware that the client is unaware, so you can be the solution to the problem

  11. We need to show potential clients that we can get them to the finish line smarter, better, faster, and stronger

  12. We need to think about the possible problems and direct market to clients as problem solvers

  13. Financial companies and insurance companies market using fear. now you know you have a problem, and you invest

  14. Once buyers know they have a problem, you then market to solve that problem

  15. We need to be very cognizant of how our audience buys from us so we can provide education, information, and solutions at every stage of the buyer journey

  16. Something as simple as a blog post can point out a problem to potential buyers

  17. You have to be able to tell a story to sell just about anything!

  18. Be sure to write our content in the same way that someone would Google or ask Alexa

  19. You need to know what triggers your persona to need you!

  20. At the end of the day, we’re selfish. What is it that is going to make your client’s job or life easier?

  21. You have to research your audience, to know what their pain points are, and how to solve them

  22. You have to know what your competition is, and show how you are more valuable

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