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Politics IN voiceover? UGH don’t even go there. Political voiceover work? HECK YES! There are some really great benefits to working the political scene. We explore the pros, cons and process of mining for political gold. We’re getting ahead of campaign season and exploring the possibilities of working with your party.


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

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  3. 2020 will be a really BIG year for political advertising in radio, TV and new media.

  4. While local elections and campaigns take place every year and create a lot of opportunities for work.

  5. Engaging in political work doesn’t necessarily mean you have to choose a party. Sometimes you do.

  6. Many clients want to ensure that you haven’t done any work for a competing campaign or candidate.

  7. Some voice actors avoid political work altogether because political can be a conflict in their primary area of voiceover work.

  8. There are voice actors who are service providers to a particular political party.

  9. This work largely generates from working closely with campaign managers.

  10. Your own political views and beliefs should be kept to yourself in large part.

  11. Use Google to find contacts and make direct connections with voiceover providers related to politics.

  12. Political jobs have a very fast turnaround – scripts may need to be recorded within an hour.

  13. Your political demo should begin with the causes and issues that are close to you.

  14. Performances for political ads vary greatly now – from old announcer style to very real people.

  15. Minorities are hugely in demand for political voiceovers. Women, Latino, African American, Asian American and more are being sought in droves.

  16. We cannot be shy or quiet about what we support, however there’s a professional way to do it in order to attract clients.

  17. Feel free to pass on political jobs that don’t fit your life. But avoid lecturing the hiring party.

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