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EDIT:  Thanks for playing! Our Audition is now closed! 

VO BOSS Anne Ganguzza welcomes back special guest co-host Liz Atherton for our first-ever VO BOSS Cast Voices contest! The client, “Anne of Aspercreme”, needs a voice and contacts Cast Voices (Liz), to help her cast the right talent! BOSS listeners will have the opportunity to audition, as well as become casting directors in this interactive contest. Participate by submitting your audition, and you could win a pro membership to CastVoices and your very own BOSS Blast! Make sure to sign up for our VO BOSS mailng list to get the audition or email for more details!


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. This week, you get to play both sides of the coin: casting, and auditioning

  2. You can send in your auditions and get feedback

  3. You also get to provide feedback to other listeners

  4. Anne “of Aspercreme” and Liz of “Cast Voices” have a gig.

  5. Anne is using Liz’s service to cast her commercial

  6. Details and audition are here

  7. Remember when jobs include an additional 20%, this is for the agent. These are the fees they keep for participating on the project

  8. A session feee is given to the talent, no matter what

  9. Additional fees include usage

  10. Talents who accept jobs agree to the terms given in an audition

  11. Usage will include from first air-date, not from recording date

  12. Oftentimes, there can be a hold fee until the spot is released

  13. Exclusivity matters not just on the current commercial, but think about other clients that may require exclusivity

  14. Audition specs will be sent out via email. Sign up for the VO BOSS Mailing List here

  15. To participate in the contest, you need to be comfortable with vulnerability, because the audience will be able to leave feedback on your audition

  16. You are invited to experience the audition cycle from Casting to Gig.

  17. Meet: Anne of Aspercreme (the Client)

  18. Client reaches out to Casting Director with specs and rates.

  19. Client:  Needs VO Announcer for a couple of spots: running nationally.

  20. 2 spots – looking to hire two different VO announcer roles

  21. Length of buy:  1 year from first air date, with option for 2 addition rebuys – may air up to 3 years.

  22. Session rate:  $500 + 20% (the 20% on top (non-union) goes to the Agent for taking care of the bookkeeping, year-end 1099s, etc.)

  23. Buy (if used): 1st year: $2,250, 2nd year option: $2,750, 3rd year option: $3,000

  24. The “Buy” calendar begins with the 1st air date.  Talent will be paid a $1,000 holding fee for up to 6 months before 1st airing and $250 for each additional quarter until the gig airs.

  25. Exclusivity – it’s not just about Aspercreme.

  26. Conversation between Casting and Creatives is very important.

  27. Casting Directors help educate Creatives on good rates.

  28. THIS IS A CONTEST not a real audition, but a good experience.  Please know that participating means transparency – your audition will be public to all of those who participate.

  29. Pointers: Read Specs thoroughly. Really pay attention.

  30. Top Auditioning Tips

  31. Following the directions TO A TEE

  32. Only audition for 1 role

  33. Pay attention to slate rules

  34. Good quality audition – no dogs barking/landscapers

  35. Now is a good time to get your studio secured.

  36. The winner of the contest will receive: A pro level membership to Cast Voices, and a BOSS Blast – a custom email marketing list directed to a vetted targeted audience of your choosing.

  37. More details on the VO BOSS/ Cast Voices contest here

  38. Find yourself an amazing engineer (I use Tim Tippets) to get your pro studio set up – Anne has two doors!

  39. Set up ipDTL or another program to connect with clients remotely

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>> It’s time to take your business to the next level, the BOSS level! These are the premier business owner strategies and successes being utilized by the industry’s top talent today. Rock your business like a BOSS, a VO BOSS. Now let’s welcome your host Anne Ganguzza.

Anne: Hey everyone. Welcome to the VO BOSS podcast. I’m your host, Anne Ganguzza, along with the bee, the Queen, the one and only Liz Atherton. Hey Liz! How are ya?

Liz: Hey, hey Anne, hey Anne. I’m – in general I’m pretty good. Like you, and I’m sure the rest of the world right now, I’m just in a little bit of a shell shock over the daily things going on in our world. How about you?

Anne: It is, well, it is a crazy time, but thankfully I’m used to working from home, and so that’s a blessing. Other people I know are not as used to it like my husband –

Liz: Like Jerry?

Anne: – who is going a little bit stir crazy. And he’s actually doing a whole lot of cooking right now. That’s his stress relieving activity. So that COVID-19 is going to be 19 pounds plus, the COVID-19 pounds for Anne.

Liz: The COVID-19.

Anne: The COVID-19 plus. But in all seriousness, guys, you know, we’re in this together, and I know that Liz echoes the same sentiment. You know, we love you guys. Let’s stick together. We’re in it together. Please be safe. Please, you know, stay home and take care of yourselves, and let’s just get through this crisis together. I know that it’s important that we stick together, which is why Liz and I are so happy to be able to bring this podcast to you guys. Maybe we can distract you a little bit, and actually we have a great little contest coming up here that you guys can take part in with us, brainchild of both Liz and I a couple of weeks ago. Liz, explain a little bit about what we’re going to be doing.

Liz: Yeah, guys, we got a lot of feedbacks on rates and the casting process and all that, so we thought what we would do is we would let you play both sides of the coin. Not only are we going to create an audition that you will submit for, but you also get to be on the other side. You will get to see everybody who auditioned and provide feedback to those auditions that come through, and you also get to see what Anne and I think. We just thought this would be a really good exercise for you, and we can do it, so we are.

Anne: So Liz and I are going to do a little role-playing, some professional role-playing. I will be Anne from Asper Cream.

Liz: Anne of Asper Cream. It sounds like Anne of Green Gables but and yet –

Anne: It could be a great movie. Anne of Asper Cream.

Liz: But it’s all in how you say it, Anne.

Anne: Yes. Liz with CastVoices. So I have a gig and I need Liz’s help. So here we go. Hey Liz! It’s so great to talk to you again. I’ve got a pretty cool gig coming up here that I need your help with.

Liz: Anne of Asper Cream! My goodness, we haven’t talked in such –

Anne: [laughs]

Liz: Stop it, Anne. Okay, this is when you’re not supposed to break character.

Anne: Sorry. Oh, the role-playing, I’m sorry.

Liz: Yes, yes. So Anne of Asper Cream, this is Liz of CastVoices. What you got going, girl?

Anne: Well, I have a need for a VO announcer for a couple of spots that is going to be running nationally as well as on the Internet.

Liz: Very, very cool.

Anne: I emailed those over to you a little bit earlier. Not sure if you had a chance to take a look at the specs?

Liz: Oh stand by. That’s me opening up my file. Oh, I see it, Anne. [laughs] So Anne of Asper Cream, it looks like you’re doing two spots. Let’s talk about the rates for just a second, Anne, can we?

Anne: Sure. Sure.

Liz: What you got going?

Anne: So the first term that I have for you, it’s going to be good for a period of one year from the first air date, and we’re going to have two additional extensions first and a second option term.

Liz: So it could be an up to a three-year buy.

Anne: Correct. Correct. Our session fee is going to be $500 plus 20% for you guys.

Liz: That actually, that 20% would be for the agents. So Anne, I’m going to go back just a second to make sure that I understand. So you’re going to pay a $500 session fee, so no matter who auditions – I mean not auditions, but whoever I book for my session, they’re going to make that $500 for the record no matter what.

Anne: Correct, correct.

Liz: Awesome. And then you have a 20% on top. Just for your clarification, Anne, that 20% on top goes to their agents directly typically, and that’s the fees they keep for participating and actually booking somebody on your project, doing the 1099s at the end of the year, that kind of stuff.

Anne: Yes.

Liz: Very cool. And then the talent is going to make $500 for the session, and then the agents will keep whatever commission out of that, right?

Anne: Yes.

Liz: Okay, excellent. And so for the first year you’re paying $2250. The second year, you’re paying $2750, and the third year you’re paying $3000.

Anne: Correct.

Liz: If the talent participate, then they agree to these buys upfront, should the rebuys happen.

Anne: Yes, correct. $2250 for the initial, $2750 for the first option and the second option term is for $3000.

Liz: Okay. Anne, I notice in the paperwork that it says from first air date. So this session is like slated for June, right?

Anne: Right.

Liz: So if you don’t air it until December, the actual buy doesn’t take place until December starts, right?

Anne: Right, but we’re going to pay a quarterly actually, $250 plus 20% that will be a hold fee, renewable until the spot is released.

Liz: Okay cool. So you’re paying this $1000, I think you said earlier for the holding fee, and then if we – for the first six months, and then we’re delayed in airing, you’ll pay another $250 every three months.

Anne: Every three months. Yes, exactly, every quarter.

Liz: Cool. What about exclusivity?

Anne: So right now, we’re not looking for any exclusivity in this.

Liz: Okay. Anne, I understand why you’re not looking for exclusivity, but I would want my talent or the talent agents to be aware it’s not necessarily your exclusivity they worry about. It’s any further on projects that are in the same wheelhouse. Anne, since you’re in [laughs]—

Anne: Anne of Asper Cream. Our competitive –

Liz: Asper Cream, your conflicts are, what –

Anne: Well, you