Boss Mindset: Performance Anxiety

Jitters. Nerves. Anxiety. Voiceovers. It may seem like these things don’t go together but even the Bosses have found that they sure do. Today’s episode addresses performance anxiety, what causes it and how to best handle it. We’ve ALL been there. And any voice actor who tells you otherwise is full of BS. If you’ve never recorded outside your home studio…this is a must listen episode!


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. Anne received an email from a listener who found himself in full panic-mode at an offsite studio.

  2. He’s not alone.  All voiceover actors have experienced nervousness at a studio other than their own.

  3. It can be very stressful when we can see a room full of people talk about our performance but we can’t hear what they are saying.

  4. Many voiceover talent have stage fright. We don’t like having an audience.

  5. There’s nothing worse than feeling like we’ve blown an opportunity or a job because of a bodily reaction we can’t control.

  6. If you’ve never worked in a studio other than your own – you need to book time at a studio – even if you have no real reason to.

  7. Plus this gives you a change to network and marketing your skills to the studio itself.

  8. Always ask for the ‘talent rate’ to avoid over-paying or paying full price for the studio time.

  9. Cool, calm and collected is essential to a voiceover session.

  10. Breathing exercises and mindful breathing can desensitize you to a stressful situation.

  11. A session engineer can be very intimidating, especially if they treat you like ‘the talent’.

  12. The gaps and silence between takes in a session can create stress.  We don’t always know what is happening or being said.  It’s hard not to come to negative conclusions.

  13. Even the difference between being placed at a sit-down vs standing mic can create stress.

  14. Creating uncomfortable ‘mock’ sessions can make you better prepared for what you may encounter in other studios.

  15. Verbalize the need for breaks or that you need a moment prior to a session start.

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