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Scammers - Avoiding Fraudulent Schemes
Scammers - Avoiding Fraudulent Schemes

Arm yourself against voiceover scams with insights from Anne Ganguzza and Lau Lapides. The BOSSES shine a light on the potential dangers...

Voiceover Business 

Strategies for Success

Audition Demolition LIVE
Audition Demolition LIVE
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May 07, 2024, 4:00 PM PDT
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About the Show

Award-winning VO BOSS podcast blends real-world business advice with a dose of inspiration for today’s performing talent. Each week focuses on a specific topic meant to help you grow your business, and features guest interviews with industry movers & shakers. VO Boss covers every facet of the voice landscape, from creating a business plan and finding the best marketing tactics & tools, to staying motivated and informed about what's happening in voice over today. Tune in, listen up, and learn more...

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Anne Ganguzza

About the Host

Anne Ganguzza is a Voice Actor, Coach, and award-winning Producer based in California. She offers individual coaching and professional demo production, helping talent showcase genre-specific skills.

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